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You are passionate about owning your own business or side hustle. In fact, you’re sure it’s your calling. You desperately want to gain clarity on your business idea and strategy so that you can launch and ramp it up to have consistent cash-flow.

Next, there’s the thought of quitting your main job, which you are capable of with a little guidance. Perhaps your business has hit a snag (which happens to all of us business owners) and now you need to brainstorm and work your way out of the situation so that you can get back to profitability.

There’s also the risk that the situation you are in continues to tumble downhill. Then, self doubt inevitably sets in and you begin to wonder if you were ever cut out to be a business owner in the first place.

You owe it to yourself to work with someone who will strategize, take actions with you, and never allow you to fail. Let’s get started. After all, the first session is totally free to you. Click here!

Items we will cover while launching your business:

  • A business vision that is clear and concise that you can work towards
  • Clarity on who your client will be and the results you will bring
  • A precise go-to-market strategy that you can measure up to
  • Advice on how to effectively price and package your products and/or services
  • Knowledge and insights on how to create a marketing-optimized website
  • A clear strategy on how to get consistent cash flow and a constant stream of customers/clients
  • A strategy on how to effectively compete with your peers
  • Insights on your long term business models and how to work towards them despite short term challenges
  • Active steps on surrounding yourself with a team built for your business to succeed
Items we will cover to turn your business around:

  • Business vision and mission review
  • Action steps towards a revision and recasting
  • Review of business culture and how to turn it into a money making activity
  • An audit of your team and determination of who stays, and more importantly who needs to go and why
  • Financial planning, loans and lines of credit review, expense review
  • An effective communication strategy on upcoming changes, internally and externally
  • A team training strategy geared towards improving motivation, adopting a new culture, improving efficiencies, and learning new processes
  • A review and strategy for existing Customer / Clients, Partners & Vendors
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