Our Mission

First Geners: To build the individual to impact generations

The mission for us is clear and that is to help first geners build enough wealth to pass onto the next generation, and to leave a legacy that future generations will follow.

Our approach, as a team of first geners ourselves, is to put the individual at the center as we help put together the critical tools that allow for wealth building not just for themselves, but for future generations.

“We are not about a race to the top but a race for significance and for legacy for generations to follow” – Bernard M. Wambugu (Founder – First Geners, LLC)

How do we do this?

  1. Through coaching programs dedicated to the unique situation first geners find themselves in
  2. Through financial literacy programs on how to build wealth provided at no cost
  3. Through an array of business services designed to support first geners and their life, business, and career plans

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